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Terms of Use

This are the terms of use for the internet-pages that can be found under ThrowingKnives.shop (called "site" or "ThrowingKnives.shop").

The responsible head behind ThrowingKnives.shop is Dr. Christian Thiel. You can find my email address (and other means of contact) on the contact page, and my postal address in the box below.

Our location Our location in detail.

Christian Thiel is also responsible for the Facebook presence at Facebook.com/Throwingknives and the Google plus presence at http://plus.google.com/105963968502348931600.

The products presented at ThrowingKnives.shop are not sold directly by ThrowingKnives.shop but our partners such as Toolshop. Hence, you enter into a contract of sale with the partner, whose terms and privacy conditions also apply. These documents can be found on the pages of the partner. If you experience any problems with your order, please contact the partner first.

All content included on this site (such as text, graphics, images) is Copyright © by Christian Thiel, called author in the following. Some pictures were provided by our partners (see hint in filename). Nothing of the content, even not in part, may be used in other publications (such as books, CDs, internet-pages) or otherwise without prior written permission from the author. Links to ThrowingKnives.shop are welcome!

ThrowingKnives.shop can not warrant that the contents are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free, and rejects all responsibility for damages or injuries resulting from the use, failure to use or abuse of information from this site. Especially, anybody throwing knives has to take the necessary security precautions. Minors should always be supervised. Spectators shall be kept at a safe distance.

ThrowingKnives.shop rejects all responsibility for links to internet-pages outside of ThrowingKnives.shop (external links). We do in no way approve of the contents of the external linked pages. We do only state that at the moment when we made the link, the external page did not include contents that were easily discernible as illegal or infringing on anybody's rights. If we get a notice that a external page has inappropriate content, we review the claim and will, if the content indeed is objectionable, remove the link.


If you buy a product from one of our partners, ThrowingKnives.shop will receive no personally identifiable data about the purchase. The partners all adhere to their own privacy guidelines which can be read on their own sites (example: Toolshop privacy policy).

When you contact us, you do not need to give us any information, it is all voluntary (e.g. the name in the email form). Please be sure not to omit data we need to answer your question (like a valid reply address in a message).

We store the IP address and domain of each visitor, your email-address if you send us an email, information on which pages are visited, and information volunteered by you, for example subscriptions to our newsletter.

The collected information will only be used for the purpose for which it was submitted to us, for example to inform you on updates, answer your questions or help tracking your order. We also use it to improve our pages. It will not be shared with anyone outside ThrowingKnives.shop.

Thus, if you have not explicitly agreed (by ticking a box or telling us), you will not receive advertising-email from us. If you want to unsubscribe from a newsletter, simply send us an email and say so.

On selected pages, we use the geolocation provider GeoPlugin to display relevant hints for US visitors, but apart from the IP address no data is sent to this service.